About us.

We can help you to make your website more effective by improving every single part of it.

Searchworthy is part of the Toast group. A creative graphic and digital agency based in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

We work with small and large companies to make their websites better.

We achieve this by looking at every single aspect for your site.

Whilst some agencies just focus on SEO or Social, we cover everything, from the quality of your the build to the structure of your site.

So what is the benefit?

Rather than having one agency for design, one for Social and another for SEO, we can look after everything and this saves you time, money and hassle.

The team.

Searchworthy Team


Our experienced team of strategists, designers and developers can help you improve every aspect of your site.

From artwork to SEO, our people are a talented bunch! Our skillset is delivered 100% in-house from full-time staff – we don’t outsource or off-shore any work and you can always speak directly to the team.

Our studio is based in an old Victorian townhouse in the middle of Banbury (10 minutes from the train station) and we have 15 staff, so we’re not a small agency, so there is always someone available to help you.

Our approach.

We’ll make sure every aspect of your site is optimised for winning new business.

There’s little point in having a website if it doesn’t generate new business for you.

Rather than diving into SEO or Google Ads, we make sure your site is in tip-top condition before you start investing in paid or organic advertising.

Every site we work on is different, but we generally follow this process:

  • A technical and objective audit of your WordPress site
  • A review of your hosting environment and performance
  • Theme and plugin review
  • Review of your site structure and URLs
  • Site content review and internal linking
  • Keyword research into where you currently rank to identify ‘easy win’ SEO improvements
  • Backlinks review
  • Social media review
  • Gap analysis – where is your site missing content
  • Landing page review and conversion optimisation opportunities
  • Historical data and analytics review
  • Definition of what you want from your site

This approach means that we can identify any issues with your site that may hinder your Search engine optimisation and means that we have a solid, fully optimised site to work with.

People, not process.

Our team don’t follow a rigid process that’s blindly applied to every site we work on.

As we’re a creatively-led agency, our team will assess the best approach we can offer for your site and requirements.

Whilst there’s always a list of fundamental things we do for each and every site, we also bring design-thinking to the table and offer a uniquely creative approach to what we can do for you.


All the work we’ll do on your site is measurable.

Our independent site audit will give your site a score out of 100 (we use SEM Rush for this).

The initial optimisation score will then be improved and you’ll receive new audit reports to prove that our work has improved things.

We also provide weekly reporting on Keywords that we’re working on. Each week, you’ll get a report that shows you the current and previous positions for these Keywords.

We can also map enquiries you receive (via the site) and map these to landing pages and Keywords, again, demonstrating the effectiveness of what we’re doing.

We strongly believe that you should be able to see the benefits of the work we carry out on your site.

Let’s talk.

If you’re looking to start with SEO and website optimisation or want to move from your current agency, call us on 01295 266644 or complete the form and we’ll get in touch.