SEO and optimisation services for WordPress websites.

We provide retained monthly packages to improve your websites SEO and placement in the search results.

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WordPress SEO

In a nutshell.

We help people to improve WordPress websites.

We can work with you on a retained or ad-hoc basis to make your website more effective.

We provide a range of services, including affordable search engine optimisation and we’re results-driven.

If you have the feeling your site is missing something, we can help find out what it is and improve it.

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What we do

You can’t ‘just do WordPress SEO’. It’s one of many things that you need to be doing with your website.

Our services firstly improve your WordPress site and then improve your rankings.

Deep-dive technical website audits

You need to know that your website is built properly and error free before you embark on any SEO or PPC campaigns. Our technical audit will help you discover problems with your site that we then fix for you.

More about technical audits

Site structure review

Search engines now look at the structure of your sites content to better understand your website. A poorly structured site will hinder your SEO efforts. We review your page, post, product, category and tag structure to make sure it’s all spot on.

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Responsive & mobile friendliness

With more and more searches coming from mobile devices, your site has to work well on mobiles and tablets. We run a series of test to make sure your site is behaving as it should.

Make sure you’re responsive

User experience

Getting visitors to your site is one thing, converting them is something else. We use a range of tools and experience to make sure your visitors know what they’re doing on your site.

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Keyword research & analysis

Do you know what you currently rank for and where? We’ll surface all the keywords you currently rank for, where you rank and we’ll find easy-win keywords to get you a fast return on your SEO investment.

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Content audit & gap analysis

Once you’ve identified keywords you currently rank for, we take a deeper look at your sites’ content to uncover gaps and opportunities for gaining new positions in the search results.

More on missing content


Backlinks are crucial for improving your domains authority and your websites ability to rank for your target keywords. Getting good backlinks is hard work, but they can dramatically increase the search visibility of your site.

Get more backlinks

PPC Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to gain additional traffic and customers to your site. Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram, we can help you plan and manage advertising campaigns that work.

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Social media management

Extend your brands following and reach through effectively managed social media campaigns and social media advertising.

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If you need some general assistance with your site, we can help. From domain management to hosting options and PPC advertising, we can advise you on best practice and the right approach to marketing your business online.

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Why you should use Searchworthy.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • I am working with an SEO agency, but I don’t really know what they are doing
  • They send me reports each month about keywords, but not much else
  • My site is ranking for keywords, but I am not getting any leads
  • I seem to need three different agencies to get work done on my site
  • The agency doesn’t seem to be very proactive – I have to tell them what to do
  • I just need one agency to look after my site, SEO and maintenance


Searchworthy is not like other retained SEO services.

Rather than focussing solely on SEO and 100s of different keywords, provide the full range of website optimisation services that you need to improve your site.

We see each important keyword as a campaign in its own right and deliver a full solution around that keyword.

This makes our process 100% transparent and trackable and much more effective.

You’ll receive reports that make sense, visitors that convert and a site that’s fully optimised.

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Designed for small businesses.

Most businesses don’t have £1000s to throw at SEO every month, so Searchworthy is designed to be affordable and flexible.

You can start small and grow as your site starts to generate some return on investment.


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