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Sometimes you need the full-service approach to SEO, other times you just need a hand with part of it.

We get this, so our services are available as a whole package on a monthly basis, or in part, as-and-when you need them.

The Searchworthy Monthly SEO service

This is for you if you’re looking to make a real start with SEO on a monthly basis. Our service includes everything you need to start ranking for an initial set of keywords.

Searchworthy Monthly is a 12 month SEO campaign that includes:

A domain report and improvement tracking.

Realistically, if you’re trying to rank in a highly competitive niche your domain name, domain rank and various other domain-related factors need to be checked.

A full site audit and health check before we do any SEO.

No amount of targeted SEO will make up for having a poorly built, slow site. Our audit and health check looks at every aspect of your current site to make sure it’s ready for some investment-returning SEO.

 Keyword research

We research an initial set of Keywords that your site can rank for. They will be ones hovering just below page one of the results in Google. 

We’ll work with you to select twelve of these Keywords that will convert visitors for you. This set will form the focus of all SEO work for the 12-month campaign. (why only 12?)

 Cornerstone content and blog posts

This is the creation of a page on your site (not a post) that will act as the main page of your site that we’re aiming to get ranking. 

We’ll also produce three blog posts that link to this page that uses Related Keywords in their content.

This effectively builds an internal link map between the Cornerstone page and related posts, pushing up the internal page rank of our Cornerstone.

Keyword monitoring

Every Keyword we use during the campaign (and variants of it) are tracked 24/7. This means that we can monitor when we’ve got your content ranking on page one of the results and everything that happens after that.

We’ll give you full access to view this data for yourself, whenever you want and we’ll send you weekly or daily reports.

On top of this, we’ll monitor your Keywords against national searches, regional ones and local ones – so if you’re based in Oxford, for example, we’ll track for UK-wide results, Oxfordshire-based searches and Oxford-based searches.

You can see where you rank in your local town or city versus national placing.


Backlinks are an important part of SEO but have to be managed carefully. Spammy links from low-quality sites can do more harm than good, so we avoid these.

We’ll secure one, high-quality backlink to your Cornerstone page for each Keyword. Further backlinks will also be created as you share content on your social media channels.

We’re careful with backlinks – Google will rank your content using its algorithms; trying too hard to ‘acquire’ backlinks can have a detrimental effect.

We also monitor your backlinks daily to check there aren’t any toxic ones that may harm your rankings.

Landing pages

When you get traffic to your site, you want people to do something. This might be to give you a call, fill in a form or join a mailing list.

How these conversions are managed depends hugely on your service and sector, so we’ll create the right sort of landing page for your business.

This might be a simple contact form on a landing page, or a dedicated page designed to get visitors do download some of your content (increasing your brand recall).

The landing page may be the Cornerstone page or a post – equally, it can also be a separate page with one specific task.

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