WordPress SEO costs.

Get started with a fixed-cost project or on a retained or month-to-month rolling basis.

Pay as you go SEO.

No long contracts, complex reports or anything you don’t need.

We charge for our WordPress SEO service based on what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to get there.

Our charging structure takes in the following considerations:

  1. If you’ve done any previous SEO
  2. What your business does
  3. What you want to achieve with SEO
  4. Your website, its age and how it’s built
  5. How competitive your market is in the search results
  6. The difficulty level of getting rankings for the keywords you want to rank for
  7. The quality of your site and its content
  8. Your domain authority and overall domain health

Without this information, it’s impossible to estimate how much it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take.

We do need to fully understand your business and its objectives before we dive into any form of SEO. Without this understanding, SEO will not be as effective.

The basics   Monthly plans   SEO Bolt-ons

How much does it cost?

The more you invest in SEO, the more you’ll get out of it.

If you want quicker results across more keywords, it’s going to cost more money.

If you want to target fewer keywords and grow over time, it’s going to cost you less.

All our clients have bespoke packages in place – as every website (and client) is different, we put together tailored three-month packages to meet our client’s requirements.

Don’t look at SEO the wrong way round.

Many people see SEO as a simple bottom-line cost when in reality, it’s an investment.

We won’t engage a client in SEO work until we’ve worked out exactly what you want to get from it, so in terms of what you should be investing in SEO, as yourself what you want to get out of it.

Below are use-cases, desired outcomes and outlines of the sort of investment required.

Free Site Audit.

This is often the first step for most clients.

This is a free service and will provide you with a basic overview of your website and the current state of your SEO.

We make no charge for this basic audit as it’s automated and will give you some independent and objective data about your site.

There’s no obligation to do anything further on your part, but do bear in mind that the reports are provided as-is, we can’t provide detailed explanations or solutions as part of the free audit, but we can provide advice on the next steps.

Start with a free audit

Deep-dive SEO Site Audit.

Our SEO projects are split into two Phases

Phase one £180 ex VAT, one-off cost.

There’s little point in investing anything in Search Engine Optimisation if you have not completed SEO basics and your website is not built properly or technically optimised for SEO.

Getting your site ranking higher than your competitors means your site has to be better than theirs; both in terms of content and the technical build quality of your site.

This phase includes a deep-dive SEO site audit.

The work here will include:
  • SEMRush Full Site Audit
  • SEMRush Backlink Audit,
  • Top Organic Keywords Report
  • Domain Authority Score
  • Organic Traffic Report
  • Paid Traffic Report
  • Google Page Speed Insights Report
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Report
  • Google Search Console Check
  • HTTPS Check
  • Spider Site Report
  • PDF Report Summary

This is the first phase of getting you ready to invest in ongoing SEO where you will see results.

Get started

Monthly Plans.

Phase two is monthly ongoing SEO

Plans start from £240 ex VAT, per month.

Once we have audited your site we can recommend the best ongoing SEO strategy for your business to achieve your SEO goals.

The will take the form of an SEO proposal, with our recommendations on how best to proceed and associated cots.

There is no charge for this proposal.

Our ongoing plans are very simple and based on the number of dedicated hours each month. Our charges are all based on hours £60 = 60 minutes.

You can use your monthly time allocation with us to address any of the tasks that sit under the five types of SEO. You can top-up your plan minutes at any time in 30-minute increments should you require additional time or services in any one month.

SEO Monthly Plans

  • Searchworthy Start-up  – 4 hours (0.5 day) per month = £240 +VAT
  • Searchworthy Professional – 8 hours ( 1 Day) = £480 +VAT
  • Searchworthy Growth – 16 hours ( 2 Days) = £960 +VAT
  • Searchworthy Scale – 24 hours ( 3 Days) = £1440 +VAT

You can use your monthly time allocation for any of the five types of SEO. You can top-up your plan minutes at any time in 30-minute increments should you require additional time or services in any one month.

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SEO Bolt-ons.

Boost your SEO with our bolt-ons.

We offer a range of other website services which can be bolted on to any plan.

These include:

  • SEO Reports (Monthly, Bi-weekly of Weekly)
  • Video Consultancy Calls (30 mins)
  • Content Writing Templates (Landing page, blog post, product page, job post etc)
  • Copywriting (500, 1000, 1500 & 2000+ words)
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Technical Support

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