We offer both fixed-priced plans and bespoke options for Search Engine Optimisation.

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Everyone is different.

Does SEO really have to cost you £1000s per month?

Every project we work on is unique, so whilst we do have a set of SEO packages, the majority of SEO campaigns we work on are bespoke.

Your business will have unique requirements, so Searchworthy is flexible – you can choose from a pre-built package or we can put together something that works for your business and budgets.

Our small business SEO services are designed to be used in part or as a complete retained service.

Once we’ve completed a free basic audit on your site, we’ll be able to advise how best we can help you.

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Starting from £160 ex VAT per month.

This is the minimum monthly investment required for our services.

What you’ll get for this depends entirely on what you need – it might be posting optimised content or improving your on-page SEO.

Whatever we do for you, you’ll get weekly/monthly reports to show you how effective our work is.

Get started

We need to have a conversation.

You can’t sign-up for our services online as we’ll need to speak to you about what you want to achieve and how we can best help you get there.

We also need to find out if we’ll be a good fit – if we don’t think we can help you, we’ll say so up front.

Another important point to note is that we don’t have annual contracts – everything is done on a rolling monthly basis.

Pay as you go SEO.

If you just need a bit of help here and there, then PAYG SEO is the best option for you.

We’ll get in touch to find out what you want doing and provide a quote for the work before we do anything.

PAYG SEO gives you the flexibility to use our services only when needed – perfect for start-ups, micro-businesses and sole traders.

We can provide PAYG services even if you currently work with another agency – and it doesn’t matter who built your website, or where it’s hosted – we can help!

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Retained services.

Do you want a planned, retained service to have your site worked on every week?

Then this is the route for you. Building a retained service with us means we work on your see on a more regular basis. This gives us more time to get tasks done and improve your website.

We don’t have an off-the-shelf package for all clients – we can build the service you need and wrap everything up in one affordable monthly retainer.

No contracts – improving your site and SEO takes time, so it’s best to budget for at least six to twelve months, but you should want to cancel, you can at any time – just give us a months notice.

Our packages


Searchworthy Starter

Searchworthy Business

Searchworthy Enterprise

Searchworthy Bespoke

Investment (ex VAT)
£160 per month
£240 per month
£320 per month
£400 per month
Hours per month
The number of hours you can use each month.
Two hours
Three hours
Four hours
Five hours
Site Audit
An objective report on the health ofo your site.
Site optimisation
Improving your site




Keyword research
Researching the best keywords for your site.
Keyword Analysis
Choosing your campaign keywords.
Content Creation
Writing blogs and page content.
Keyword Performance
Tracking your sites ranking keywords.

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