Keyword tracking.

Know where your important keywords are ranking and how they change.

What is KW tracking?

We’ll add your most important keywords to our tracking tools and report on their positions on a weekly basis.

Google Analytics is an amazing app, but if you want to track specific keywords, it’s not really the best tool for the job.

We have a range of tools that we use to track the positions of our keywords every week.

This report is emailed through so you can keep track of where things are surfacing in the search and how effective your SEO efforts are proving to be.

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What is involved?

We simply need a list of keywords that you wish to track.

We’ll then add them to our tracking apps and send you a monthly report. It’s that simple.

You can either provide your own list of keywords or we can help you find the sort of keywords your site should be ranking for and suggest these.

The report will show where your keyword ranks now, and where it ranked the last time the report was run so you can compare.

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What does it cost?

Charges are simply based on the number of keywords you’d like to track.

The more keywords we track for you, the more it costs, but as a general guide, it starts are £0.50 ex VAT per keyword for a monthly report.

If you would like to have weekly reports or have a lot of keywords to track, we can arrange a bespoke package for you.

We also offer real-time reports where you can log in directly to our tools and check the positions, view historical data and make notes against keywords for reference.

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Why bother?

Getting an independent review of your search engine placements shows how well your SEO is going.

If you don’t track your keywords in some manner, you can see how well (or how badly) your WordPress SEO is going.

These reports are 100% independent and automatically generated so there’s no hiding from the data.

Keyword tracking reports can be used if you are already doing SEO and want to check it, or if you are not currently doing any SEO and want to see where you are ranking to make the business case for investing in SEO.

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