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Keyword research

Good SEO starts by identifying your easy wins – don’t burn budget chasing elusive Keywords from day one.

If your site has been around a while it will already have Keywords that rank in the search. You might not even know what these Keywords are, but we think they make a good place to start, and Keyword research will show you what they are.

Identifying these Keywords means that we can address easier Keywords first. Getting these ranking on page one for your site will instantly bring you more traffic to optimised pages (95% of click-throughs to sites from Google searches are from the first page of results).

This will increase conversions and ultimately result in a provable return on investment as soon as possible.

We’ll use our SEO tools (such as SEM RUSH) to research your current rankings.

The purpose of the initial Keyword research is to:

  • Find out what Keywords you’re already ranking for
  • Find similar keywords that you could also rank for relatively easily
  • Discover what Keywords you feel would best convert for you
  • Create a list of Keywords to target over the length of the campaign

We’ll be using a database of over 40 million Keywords to test your site – while this isn’t an exhaustive list of potential Keywords, it’s a definable and measurable one.

We won’t be picking Keywords that we think will get you traffic, we’ll be using Keywords that we know will get results.

Part of the Keyword research also takes in competitor analysis to find out what the competition rank for. This will give you valuable insights into how your online competitors are ranking so you can start to rank alongside (and above) them.

Keeping things focused, manageable and measurable.

Our approach to SEO and Keyword research results in a manageable amount of Keywords, content production and on-page SEO. All the Keywords we use across our campaigns are tracked weekly.

Also, we track nationally, regionally and locally to benchmark where the Keywords rank based on your location and your customer’s locations.

All Searchworthy projects start with a website audit which will give us a brief overview of some of the key aspects of your site. It particularly focuses on those elements that influence your search engine rankings. Request a free site audit here.

When you’re paying for SEO, there’s always a risk that your agency will work with a wishlist of highly competitive, high volume Keywords. This type of approach can mean you spend the first year of the SEO campaign chasing Keywords that you’ll never rank for. The agency will be doing their job but will you see any results?

Benchmark your current agency.

If you’re already using an SEO agency for your site, we can check how well they are doing. Hopefully, they’ll have provided you with a list of Keywords they’re working on and a content schedule for publishing and tracking ranking content.

If you currently don’t know where you rank for these Keywords, get in touch; we’ll run you a quick audit to show you how things are going.

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