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Who we work with

We work with a range of clients, both large and small, tailoring our services to match what they need.

To make your SEO effective, you need more than just an SEO agency. Sounds daft, but it’s completely true.

Effective SEO touches on so many different aspects of your marketing (both on- and off-line), that in today’s more competitive search results pages (SERPs) your efforts need to encompass everything in the marketing mix.

Searchworthy is part of the Toast family, and at Toast, we have wide-ranging experience in working with clients of all shapes and sizes, all with different requirements and desired outcomes.

How does this benefit you?

Searchworthy brings a lot more to the party than just expert SEO. As a team, we do the following, daily:

  • Website planning
  • Keyword planning
  • SEO research
  • Market research
  • Design work
  • Site builds (WordPress sites, HTML emails etc)
  • Site improvement work
  • Site updates and support

Our team are experienced website marketers, not just SEO geeks – we know what needs to be done on your site and we know how to do it.

This means that our clients can put their website with one team to get everything done, rather than one agency for SEO, another for design and yet another for website hosting.

We find that this improves communication, reduces waiting times and keeps costs keen. Benefiting both our clients and our team.

Below are some of the ‘well-knowns’ and ‘unknowns’ that we work with.

A conversation will cost you nothing and could save you a fortune.

We’re well aware that many of our clients have been quoted huge fees for monthly SEO services. The charges often seem high and the promises of a return are set way off in the future.

We’re all for clients spending a serious amount of budget on SEO, but only when it’s proven to work and generate a return.

Searchworthy provides a fixed-term, low-cost initial investment into your SEO campaign and will generate results (and revenue) quickly.

The way we see it, the more income we can generate for you from your SEO, the more likely you are to stay with us and reinvest.

If you’d like to join the happy clients that we’ve worked with (and still work for) get in touch.

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