Who we work with.

WordPress SEO for entrepreneurs, sole traders, micro-businesses and SMEs.

Picking the right SEO agency.

We know who we work best with, so we are upfront about if we can help you.

WordPress SEO agencies are not all the same.

Some work with larger companies with huge SEO budgets, others work with people who just want to invest £100 a month.

We work best with people looking to invest anywhere between £200 and £1500 (ex VAT) per month.

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Niche, not me-too.

We get our best results with niche offerings.

If your product or service is in a highly competitive sector, you will need to invest a lot of money/time in SEO.

We won’t be a good fit if you are targeting highly competitive keywords.

The simple reason for this is that we only work with clients in smaller niches, not large clients that want broad, competitive SEO campaigns.

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We know where we can can make a difference.

We can make big improvements for small businesses.

Searchworthy is part of the Toast family.

Toast is a full-service agency that works across branding, digital and print.

Our SEO clients can access a wide skillset, as SEO is not just about technical and copywriting.

This means we can just as easily design you a piece of content marketing as we can technically optimise your site.

For smaller businesses looking for a one-stop solution to everything WordPress and SEO, this makes a big difference.

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Work directly with the team doing the work.

Unlike larger SEO agencies, we don’t have account managers.

Instead, you will work directly with the small team that’s doing the work, and all the members of the team will get to know you and your business.

The benefits of this approach are clearer communication, better understanding and a personal approach.

We don’t use freelancers or outsource work offshore. All our staff are employed full-time to build strong relationships with our clients.

We’re a small business too, so we know what a positive difference this can make.

Speak to the experts, not the sales team

We’re very honest.

If we don’t think we can make a difference to your SEO, we’ll tell you.

For some clients in certain sectors, SEO is going to be expensive and returns are going to take a long time to achieve.

If we are not 100% sure we can help you, we’ll tell you right away and we won’t engage with work on your website.

Instead, we’ll suggest the route you should be taking and suggest the people that can help you.

We do this because SEO is a completely unregulated, unfettered and ever-changing business.

There are plenty of people who will just take your budget and burn it. We are not one of those agencies.

We only do WordPress.

We don’t work on any other type of website.

WordPress is an awesome CMS and together with the Yoast plugin, it makes working on SEO a lot easier.

Control over plugins, the theme, on-page, images and other optimisation options means that we can make your WordPress site a solid and highly optimised foundation for your SEO campaigns.

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SEO takes time.

This is the single most important thing to remember about SEO.

There is no such thing as a quick-fix in SEO, so it’s important to set expectations.

If you are looking for results tomorrow, we are not the right agency for you (in fact, there is no right agency for that).

If you understand that we will need to invest time over a period of months and that the results will improve over time, get in touch.