WordPress SEO review.

A one-off fixed cost project to review and improve your current SEO.

What is an SEO review?

If you have a current WordPress website, we can review your current SEO and provide a cost to fix everything.

This is a one-off project for existing SEO on your WordPress website.

It’s often the first place that clients start with SEO before embarking on new content production.

We will review your current WordPress install and content and provide a fixed cost to fix or improve what you have currently got.

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TL;DR: WordPress SEO review.

What is this for?

This improves your current SEO and can be done as an initial project before you start on monthly SEO activity.

What do we do?

We review the current situation of your site from an SEO perspective which includes a technical audit.

What are the outcomes?

Improvement across the SEO of your current content and website. Note that this is on-page only.

What are the charges?

Costs will depend on the size and state of your current website. The more content you have, the longer it takes.

How long does it take?

If you have a small site, it can be done in a matter of days, for much larger sites, it can take several weeks.

Why bother?

If you are thinking about investing in monthly SEO, a site review is often a good place to start as it’s a one-off fixed price project to get you started.

What’s included?

A 360° review of your entire WordPress site.

If you have an existing WordPress site this review includes the following:

  • Content
  • Internal link strucutre
  • Theme and plugins
  • Yoast review (if you use it)
  • Technical

Note that this is different from a Site Audit report as it’s a manual inspection of all your site content and SEO.

What are the outcomes?

You will see general improvements across the entire site.

The main purpose of this end-to-end project is to make sure that your current SEO is correct.

This project will make sure your content and other on-page SEO factors are as optimised as they can be.

This will ensure your website SEO foundations are in place before you invest further.

It’s also a good opportunity to try us out, get to know the team and see what we can do!

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Start as you mean to go on.

A WordPress site SEO review will help make sure everything you currently have on your site is optimised and ready to start on new SEO work.

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What does it cost?

Charges are based on the size of your site and how complex it is.

There are two parts to this service.

  1. The review
  2. The work to remedy issues

The review.

This is generally a fixed-cost piece of work, and we allow 2 hours to review the site and come back to you with our findings and recommendations.

This is charged @ £160 ex VAT.

The remedial work.

The charges for the work on your site will be worked out based on the amount of work required. It’s not possible to estimate how much this will be before we take a look at your site.

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