Getting the basics right.

How a fixed cost technical optimisation project can help your website.

Start as you mean to go on.

Before you embark on any SEO project, you need to get your technical SEO soted.

WordPress is famously easy to use on the front end, but under the hood, it’s complex software.

When you also add in a theme, plugins and potentially a page-builder, it becomes even more complex.

This means that WordPress sites can end up being slow and need technical optimisation to improve them.

Use case for Technical SEO.

It doesn’t matter if you are sole trader or a international corporation, a slow website is going to harm your SEO efforts.

The speed of your site increasingly influences Google rankings, so if it has not had any technical improvements it’s going to suffer.

If your competitor’s site is faster than yours, they will outrank you.

It doesn’t matter what your site looks like, if it’s slow it’s going to:

  • Make visitors bounce back to the search results
  • Rank lower in the first place
  • Drag any rankings you do have down over time

The main objective for technical SEO should simply be to make sure your website scores the highest marks it can across the various website SEO auditing tools.

Technical can be tricky.

It’s best to task people that know what they are doing with technical work.

For the average marketing expert, the ability to technically optimise a website is often outside of their skill set.

Whilst most people are happy managing WordPress content, installing plugins or even dabbling with CSS, technical SEO techniques are hard-learned from an awful lot of trial and (sometimes) error.

Get help with technical SEO

How we can help you with technical.

We offer a fixed-cost technical solution that’s based on what needs to be done on your site.

We have optimised 100s of websites, so we’re used to seeing the same issues and already know how to fix them.

The process is simple:

  • We’ll audit your website
  • Advise on what should be fixed
  • Outline what you can do yourself (optional), and what we need to do
  • We’ll provide a fixed-cost against this spec
  • And let you know when we can deliver


Sometimes, sites are just too poorly built to get your audit scores where they should be.

Large sites with complex themes and too many plugins can be near impossible to optimise, so if we think yours might be one of these, we will advise before we do any work.

It’s then up to you if you want us to do what we can with it, or to consider alternative actions.

Get started

What you will get out of this.

An optimised site that is ready for on- and off-page SEO campaigns.

That’s basically it.

We’ll optimise your site as much as possible within your current set-up and show you the results.

This is one of the great things about technical SEO – its all benchmarked before and after, so you, the client, can see exactly what has been achieved.

For some clients, we then provide an automated monthly report to check the technical SEO as adding new content or plugins can change your scores over time.

If there is a new issue that needs fixing, we can then sort that as part of a monthly plan or on ad-hoc basis.

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