WordPress Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is mainly related to issues with your site’s code, its hosting, speed, and build quality.

improve your page speed

Simple ways to improve your website’s page speed

No one likes a super slow loading speed, especially search engines! Don’t miss out on ranking highly in your area, just because your pages aren’t fully optimised.

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user experience

How user experience can impact SEO

Your site should be centred around the people you want using it, so if they have a bad experience: you’re in trouble.

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Why is technical SEO important?

Without good technical SEO, your on- and off-page SEO efforts can be seriously hindered.

If your website is poorly built, structured and slow, you may not get the rankings that your well-written content deserves.

How do you do technical SEO for WordPress?

Generally speaking, whoever built your WordPress site for you should really take care of the technical SEO. The site should pass all of Google’s Page Speed tests and should be built and structured in a manner that makes sense to the search engines.