Website technical audit.

Get a better ranking in the search by improving your WordPress website.

A website technical audit will identify any issues with your site (such as problems with load time), enabling us to fix them and improve the performance of your website.
Before investing in any Search Engine Optimisation, you should make sure your site is error-free as this can hinder your rankings in the search.

Finding and fixing problems.

There are two parts to a technical audit – running one (the easy bit) and fixing any flagged issues (the complicated bit).

Most technical audits give your site a score out of 100 and identify issues on the site as errors, warnings and notifications.

From the 100s of tech SEO audits we’ve run, we’ve never encountered a site that scores top marks.

A lot of the warnings are easy-to-fix issues such as missing ALT tags, empty meta descriptions and duplicate content. These can be fixed simply by editing your website’s pages.

Other common errors include 404 issues, non-minified scripts and missing optimisation – these sorts of issues are best left to us.

With WordPress, it can be tempting to install a load of plugins to try and fix the errors, but this can simply resort in plugin conflicts and script failures. While fixing errors on your site isn’t rocket science, it’s best to leave it to the experts.

Getting results.

The main aim of a technical website audit is to make sure your site is built properly.

Whilst you might not see an immediate jump in your rankings, you’ll know that everything you now do in terms of Search Engine Optimisation work is being done on a site that’s in tip-top condition.