Common SEO mistakes.

There are loads of small businesses out there that have tried to implement an SEO strategy with limited success. Normally, it’s because they’re making these ten common mistakes:

Neglecting local search optimisation

Neglecting local search optimisation is a huge mistake. If you do this, no one will find your company in local searches, and you can miss out on lots of customers. Include SEO keywords from research specific to your region on your web pages as well as contact info too.

Failure to track analytics

Tracking your analytics is an essential part of WordPress SEO as it helps you see what’s converting and what isn’t. By doing this, you will figure out the most effective keywords for your small business website, as well as the ones you’re wasting your time on. Fail to track, and you could waste a lot of resources plugging keywords that just don’t convert.

Not using meta descriptions

Too many small businesses forget to implement meta descriptions on their website. These are brief descriptions of pages and are visible in search results. Make sure you write them and include keywords too. They’re used to help hook users in and make them click on your page based on the description.

Building lots of poor quality links

Link building is a huge part of off-site SEO. The aim is to build lots of quality links from reliable pages back to your site. The problem is, that many small businesses think all that matters is how many links they have. As a result, they end up creating poor quality backlinks that might get flagged by search engines and damage your performance.

Failing to use the right keywords in the title

Every web page has a title that everyone sees in the search results. Ideally, you need to use your best keywords in the title. Words and phrases that directly match what the page is about. Small businesses often don’t do this, and their ranking suffers.

Creating poor content

Many small businesses make the mistake of creating poor content on their web pages. Content needs to be engaging and full of essential keywords to help search engines figure out what your website is about.

Not using external links

Not using internal links is a bad mistake to make as it damages the structure of your website. It makes your site harder for bots to crawl, which will ultimately mean it falls down the rankings. Make sure you link to your other pages in your content.

Not optimising URLs

An SEO-friendly URL needs to be short and sweet and include keywords related to the page. This improves SEO and is easily the most forgotten thing by small businesses.

Non-responsive web design

Small businesses make the mistake of not using responsive web design for SEO to make their sites mobile-friendly. As a result, your site will now rank poorly in mobile search engines as Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites.

Using the wrong keywords

Finally, the biggest mistake small businesses make is they use keywords that simply aren’t relevant to their business. This means you will see no SEO benefits whatsoever. You must research your keywords if you want to find ones that are relevant to what you do.

Do you want your business to run a successful SEO campaign? Then make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes and employ a provider of WordPress SEO packages to help you with your website.

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