Getting WordPress support.

Do you just need some ongoing technical support?

We provide support and maintenance for WordPress websites.

Whether we’ve built your site or not, our team can help out with day-to-day tasks, updates and optimisation.

We do all our work in-house and have a range of packages available to suit most budgets.

Types of WordPress support

We offer several different types of website support to suit most businesses and budgets.

Ad-hoc support

Use us when you need us – this pay-as-you-go support – if you have an issue, you can simply raise a support ticket and one of our team will get your problem solved.

Ad-hoc support has no contracts or sign-ups – you can simply get in touch as-and-when required.

This type of support is perfect if you only have the occasional requirement and can look after most WordPress issues yourself.

Retained support

If you have requirements on a weekly or monthly basis, then this is the best type of WordPress support for you.

Our retained support services are offered in four tiers; SW40, SW80, SW120 and SW250.

Each support package comes with a number of minutes per month – so, for example,  SW40 gets you 40 minutes per month of time for us to work on your site.

The higher tiers get you more support – from monthly reports to pro-active work on your site on a weekly basis.

This support package works best for small businesses who work on their websites all the time – we effectively become your in-house support department for all things WordPress.

Pre-bought time

We also offer an additional level of support where you can buy a number of hours of our time to be used as-and-when required.

This is more flexible than ad-hoc support and time is allocated in 15-minute blocks.

There’s one invoice, and we provide full reports on what you use and when.

If you run out, you can simply top up your time.

This type of support works best for you if you just want a flexible, cost-effective support arrangement without the additional reports and site monitoring.

Get started.

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