Social Media Marketing.

Marketing your business through social media.

Keep it simple.

Social media marketing can’t just be a sales pitch.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to Social Media is failing to plan their content.

Just because social media channels are easy to use it does not mean that:

  1. They are right for your brand
  2. You should post anything you can think of
  3. New business will be easily won

Here at Searchworthy, we consider there to be three types of social media posts.

Daily posts, which are general company news etc, weekly posts which could be content shares from your website, and campaign posts form part of a wider, fully planned social activity with a defined objective.

One of the main barriers to outsourcing social media is having a third-party post daily content on your behalf.

This sort of content needs to be approved and the planning and approval process often means that it is not cost-effective for smaller companies to have an external agency do this.

Weekly posts that share content from your website are often a good place to start when engaging an SMM agency: live content on your site is pre-approved and usually has images in place already, so this content can easily be shared and tagged on social media with the minimum of approval barriers.

Campaign posts are an alternative approach for working with an agency on your social media.

These are planned, end-to-end campaigns with a specific objective and engagement can be tracked through to conversions on your website.

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How we do SMM.

We create campaigns that slot-in around your daily posting activity.

When working with clients on social media, weekly and campaign posts are our preferred way of working.

As previously mentioned, we use previously approved content on your website for weekly posting and objective-based methods for campaign posting.

Daily posts.

We don’t do daily posting as this sort of thing tends to be overly costly to plan versus the returns.

Weekly posting.

We’ll post content to your social media channels from your website. This will be existing content that is shared along with an appropriate image from your website and tags to get it found across social.

Campaign posting.

We will work with you to identify what you want to achieve and the best way to achieve it.

This will include a plan of the campaign, design and creativity, scheduled posting and reporting.

This should also contain an objective – we suggest that this is an ROI figure rather than a ‘number of likes’ type of metric.

As campaign posting is based on ROI, there is a higher investment required in this type of Social Media Marketing.

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Just like SEO, there are no guarantees when it comes to Social Media.

We like to be upfront and manage expectations from the offset when it comes to marketing via social channels.

Likes, shares, comments and retweets are the currency of social media platforms, not the real world, so we try and focus on your bottom line.

As with all advertising, determining where your spending results in a return can be difficult, so it’s virtually impossible for any agency to guarantee a return.

There are also so many factors that can influence a purchase that lie outside the social realm.

Your website content, price point, customer service, delivery charges, availability and so on can all directly affect a conversion via social, so these all have to be factored into the equation.

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