Email marketing.

If you produce great content on a regular basis, tell your potential clients about it.

Keeping in touch.

Building an email marketing list can be a great way to win new clients.

Sending emails to an approved list of subscribers can be a great way to convert visitors into new clients!

Although this isn’t strictly SEO, it’s an important part of your online marketing tool kit and can be used to great effect to:

  • Get visitors to sign-up if they are interested, but not in a position to buy today
  • Cross and up-sell to existing clients that may not know about everything you offer
  • Use discounts and incentives to convert new clients
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Stick to the rules.

Don’t fall foul of GDPR or annoy potential clients.

With GDPR in place, you are no longer allowed to send emails to people that have not asked to receive them, and we have some simple rules that we abide by to ensure that you build a healthy list of subscribers that actually want your emails.

  1. We don’t work with bought-in lists
  2. We don’t suggest you add anyone that makes a general enquiry to a mailing list
  3. We only send once per month
  4. We only send when there is a good reason to

If you don’t have something of genuine value to deliver monthly by email, don’t do it.

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No sales pitches.

You need great content for a mailing list to work.

Any email you send to a list of prospects should deliver something of value, not a sales pitch.

Due to this, your marketing emails should be carefully planned using useful content from your website that your list(s) will find interesting and useful.

In order to be able to do this, you need to produce new content on your site every month to then share with your list – it’s no good sending them the same stuff every time, they will simply unsubscribe.


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Use the right tools.

We’re a MailChimp partner, so we recommend this easy-to-use platform.

MailChimp is an industry-leading app that makes managing lists and sending emails easy and cost-effective.

Sign-up forms can be embedded directly into your site.

You get full reposting and stats and your lists are easy to manage and curate.

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Keep it simple.

The golden rule of email marketing is to keep things concise and to-the-point.

  • The design of your emails should be simple.
  • The organisation and arrangement of the content should be the same every month.
  • The amount of content should be the same every month.
  • Every email should deliver something of value to your subscribers.

This might sound simple, but it takes time and investment to produce new content every month that can then be shared via email.

You’ll need a plan for at least three months of emails and everything should be scheduled in advance.


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How we can help.

As a MailChimp partner we can help you plan, design and implement campaigns.

We can help you first to decide if email marketing is right for you, then take you through the complete process:

  • Implementing sign-up forms on your WordPress site
  • Designing your emails
  • Putting them together each month
  • Creating landing pages
  • Sending emails
  • Adding reporting to Google Analytics
  • Tracking conversions

MailChimp itself has a free account tier if you are getting started, so the app will not cost you anything until you build up a larger list of subscribers.

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