Expand the reach of your WordPress site.

Whatever the size of your website, auditing your content can unearth many opportunities.

All websites have gaps – missing content that could win you knew business if you were able to identify where it is and how to fill it.

In fact, the larger your site, the harder it can be to gain an overall view of your site to even find these gaps to improve your SEO in the first place.

This is where a content audit and gap analysis comes in handy!

Get content analysis for your site

What is a content audit?

In short, it’s an objective analysis of all the content that you have on your WordPress-powered site (from page titles to uploads).

We take your content off your server and onto a spreadsheet so that it can be effectively analysed and managed.

You may have the best CMS on the planet (WordPress anyone?), but no matter how good your CMS is, there’s nothing quite as good viewing everything in its entirety and being able to quickly organise this content into lists that make sense and unveil otherwise easily missed gaps.

Throw in a spot of competitor research too and you’ll have a list of content you should be writing and keywords to chase with this content.

What is gap analysis?

Gaps are either missing content or keyword opportunities that are discovered as a result of a content audit.

In its simplest form, gap analysis generates a list of new page titles and potential content for your website (either as landing pages or articles).

Going into more depth, it can also discover new content that’s needed across other channels and media, such as white papers, video, infographics, tweets and other social posts.

Why should you do this?

You know your product or service, but do you know exactly where your customers are? What language they are using and what trends out there to capitalise on?

A content audit and gap analysis will show you opportunities you could be missing as well as:

  • Creating an actionable list of content to product
  • Developing a growing list of keyword opportunities to gain more visitors
  • Highlighting what other types of content you should be producing
  • Making sharing content more relevant and interesting to your customers
  • Increasing backlink opportunities
  • And much more…
Getting started with a content audit.

Content audits and gap analysis are not generally automated tasks that can be completed by the various apps we use.

It’s a consultancy-led service that does require a solid understanding of your site and service (or product).

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