Why you should focus on local business SEO.

Local business SEO is crucial in order to get your products and services found.

Organic – or conventional – SEO is what most people think about when optimising their websites for search engines.

The organic search results are all the unpaid website links that you see when running a search. However, you’ll sometimes see another set of results before the organic ones.

Typically, this shows a series of business listings, providing information on their location, showing reviews, and pointing to their locations on a map. These are the local search results, and you need to focus on local business SEO to get the most out of them.

getting started with local SEO for wordpress

Why does a modern business need to worry about local business SEO? More specifically, what benefits does local SEO bring compared to conventional SEO? Well, here are a few reasons you should take advantage of local searches:

Drive more foot traffic to your business

If your company relies on customers coming to a physical location, then local SEO is vital. By showing your business location on a map, and providing additional information, it encourages users to visit your premises. Local searches attract the attention of consumers who are already interested in purchasing something. As such, they search for things ‘near them’ or in a specific location. More often than not, they only look at the local results because it shows the most relevant businesses. It’s easy for them to look at the map, find out where you’re based, then come on down to spend some money.

Consumer behaviour has changed

Nowadays, consumers will search for things online. Even if they need to visit a physical store/office, the search begins with Google. Local business SEO is designed for this purpose; you find those who are searching for a business like yours. A local company can no longer rely on word-of-mouth or local advertising – consumer behaviour has changed! You need to follow this trend, and local business SEO is the natural step forward.

Cost-effective SEO

A significant benefit of local business SEO is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, you barely have to invest anything into your strategy to see impressive local search optimisation. You can achieve an impressive ranking just by following the basic steps of SEO to get started with local – setting up a Google My Business page, getting local citations, collecting reviews, and optimising your on-page SEO score. Therefore, it’s easy on your budget!

Nowhere near as competitive

Local SEO is a growing trend, but it’s still nowhere near as competitive as organic SEO. Think about it, the very nature of local business SEO means you’re competing against a smaller market. You only compete with companies in the same area as you. For niche businesses, this might mean you only have a handful of rivals to worry about.

Not only that, but many local businesses still haven’t got to grips with local SEO. So, you have a genuine opportunity to get one up over your rivals.

The bottom line is that, if you’re targeting customers in a specific location, then you need to use local business SEO. It raises brand awareness while encouraging people to visit your premises or get in touch with you. As a budget-friendly strategy, you can generate more leads without spending a fortune. Take advantage of local search now, and you can move ahead of your competition and reel in more customers.

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