Site structure review.

The structure of your site and permalinks can seriously affect your rankings.

Your site structure is crucial when it comes to your site ranking in the search results.

If the structure of your site is a mess, it’s going to have a negative effect on your placement in the search results.

There’s no point in having lots of great content if it’s not organised in a way that the search engines can understand.

How you structure your site tells Google (et al) what content you want it to consider important and what landing pages you want to be ranked.

Good site structure equals more ranking Keywords.

Whether you use Yoast or another SEO tool on your site, they often ask you for a single focus keyword for the content.

Structuring your site properly means that your top-level pages (cornerstones, pillar posts or whatever you call them) will start to rank for lots of similar keywords without you having to try and optimise them for each keyword – this effectively means you get good value search engine optimisation.

The structure of your site is so powerful in helping the search engine bots understand your content that it can have a huge impact on your rankings for current keywords and win you new ones.

website architectureMore ranking Keywords mean more quality leads.

If you do one thing on your site, it should be sorting the structure – simply put, it will boost the number of people finding you.

With any site, your internal links and the structure of your content can get messy. This is even truer if you’ve got more than one person working on the site.

Whilst WordPress makes it easy to add new content and update pages, it can be difficult to manage the structure of your site using WordPress.

You need a better way to get a holistic view of your entire site – and that’s how we can help you.

Site structure is an easy win.

If you have a lot of content on your website, organising it properly doesn’t take an age and is something that will provide a quick return on investment.

Although it can take some time for the search engines to index your changes, once they do, you’ll see results.

The best thing about restructuring your site is that once you’ve done so, you’ll have a plan for all new content.

You’ll know where you are missing stuff, how to sort your internal links and everyone that works on the site will be able to see what’s what.

Getting started with site structure.

If you think your site is not structured as well as it could be, get in touch.

We can have a look over your site and provide you with feedback on what needs doing and how we can help you.

We don’t charge for an initial look over your site and can either provide you with a list of work to do or we can do it for you.