WordPress Keyword research & analysis.

Improve your Keywords, improve your ranking.

Knowing which keywords to target and when will make your WordPress SEO more effective.

One of the most important things about search engine optimisation is knowing where to start with your keywords (what is a keyword).

It’s very easy to spend hours trying to optimise keywords that (for now) are outside of your WordPress site’s reach in the search results.

Our approach explores what keywords will work for you now, and which ones to plan for later.

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Research is the key to effective keywords.

We know that it can be difficult to know exactly where to start with finding Keywords for your WordPress site.
Our approach isn’t just a random selection of words and phrases to start with – we’ll look at your content, competitors, current rankings and more to plan out what you need to start with.

There are important aspects of keyword analysis and each of these factors needs to be considered against the potential return on investment.

keyword research

Ultimately, this is advertising.

Just like you wouldn’t pay for a print advert in a publication that’s not relevant to your target market, you don’t want to invest time and budget into keywords that aren’t relevant or will not convert.

Your snippet in the search results is an advert for your business – and done properly, it should be shown to someone that’s your target customer and who is interested in your product or service.

If you rank high for keywords that don’t deliver this type of customer, you’re just going to see high bounce rates – a site with high bounce rates soon starts to slip in the results.

Creativity is needed.

If you choose a bunch of worthless or out-of-reach keywords to optimise your site for, you’re not going to see much decent traffic.

Anyone can go and find a bunch of keywords for you – the real skill comes into being creative with the selection of keywords, and how you use them in your content and across your site.

More than ever, we have endless amounts of keyword data at our fingertips – search volumes, competitiveness, trends and so on.

This is enough for some SEOs – they simply crunch the data and churn out the same stuff as everyone else.

Creative thinking allows us to go beyond just the number-crunching.

And some technical know-how.

To be honest, there’s little that’s not been documented about the technical aspects of SEO and keyword research.

Visit some sites, enter your Keywords and see 100s of similar ones with search volumes and competitiveness.

It’s relatively easy to do some of the more technical aspects of SEO.

If you’d like help with this, or any WordPress SEO service, just get in touch.