Why you need to optimise your site before you invest in SEO.

Investing in SEO is something that all small business owners should consider doing.

At least, it’s something you should consider doing if you want to see more web traffic, an increase in leads, and an improvement in revenue too.

Whenever a small business invests in SEO, the owners all tend to make the same simple mistake. They start investing without optimising their site beforehand.

Now, I know you’re probably confused as SEO stands for search engine optimisation. So, why would you optimise your site when you’re investing in optimising it for search engines?

wordpress website optimisation

Sounds confusing, right?

Well, there are actually some pretty simple and understandable reasons why you should optimise your site beforehand. For those of you that have decided to stick with this piece beyond the opening line, then you’re in luck! Below, you will see all the reasons why prior website optimisation is a must:

Sets the wheels in motion

If you work on optimising your site before finding a WordPress SEO business to invest in, then you’re setting the wheels in motion. You’re laying down stronger foundations for them to work from. Investing in SEO with an already optimised site will make everything so much easier, and a lot quicker too. Think of it as giving someone all the ingredients to bake a cake rather than just asking them to bake a cake. Without the ingredients, they’d have to spend time and money going out and buying them. It’s the same sort of thing here, an SEO agency now has all the ingredients to help devise a winning strategy.

Ensures you deliver a good user experience

Investing in SEO simply means you’re trying to improve the search engine performance of your website. However, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t already finding your website somehow. Furthermore, if your site isn’t optimised, it means the user experience will generally be poor. So, any existing traffic you have will be left disappointed and want to leave your site, meaning you lose potential leads. But, with an optimised site you’ll provide a good user experience for anyone that finds your site before your SEO strategy kicks in and drives loads more traffic there.

Makes your business look more professional

These days, a good and fully functional website is seen as the bare minimum requirement for a professional business. By optimising your site, you will maintain a professional image among anyone that happens to visit it. If your website isn’t optimised, then it probably means it doesn’t function well and looks a bit daft too.

As such, any visitors will see it and form a negative opinion of your business.

It’s all about remembering the main goal of investing in SEO; to improve your search engine presence. This doesn’t mean you’re not already getting traffic from other sources, and these sources need to be greeted with an optimised website! Plus, you make SEO so much easier for everyone involved if you’ve already optimised your site. Now, it’s more of a question of using off-site SEO tools and fine-tuning your pages.