Small business SEO.

SEO for smaller businesses is possible, even with a smaller budget, it simply takes longer to do.

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The benefits of using an SEO agency for SMEs

There’s always a great debate over what the benefits of using an SEO agency are and whether or not they should do things on their own, or spend money by hiring an agency.

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Small business SEO – why it matters

Small business SEO is a very talked about topic. Many small businesses will utilise SEO, while others seem a bit coy on the concept.

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Why you need to optimise your site before you invest in SEO

Whenever a small business invests in SEO, the owners all tend to make the same simple mistake. They start investing without optimising their site beforehand.

SEO for your small business website.

Firstly, don’t be tempted by online services that promise the earth for £99 per month. All you will get here is a cookie-cutter black-hat service that will do your SEO more harm than good.

Despite what you may read online, SEO is possible for smaller businesses with tighter budgets, but you’ve got to be willing to be flexible in terms of the time it takes to deliver and the time before you start seeing results.

All SEOs agree that effective SEO cannot be done cheap, so how do you get effective SEO for your small business?

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SEO for smaller and micro businesses.

The simple way to get this done is to invest less a month over a greater period of time.

This might sound obvious, but it has to be tempered with the fact that the results of the SEO work will also take longer to manifest.

Smaller businesses rarely have the £1000 plus per month investment that SEO needs to start showing results in the first three months, but look at it like this:

  • £1000 per month is £3000 over three months;
  • or £500 per month over six months;
  • or £250 per month over 12 months.

The three above will all get you the same results, the only difference being that they take longer to implement due to the reduced monthly investment.