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Why small businesses should use search engine optimisation

Small business owners have probably heard the term ‘search engine optimisation’ thrown around a lot.

It revolves around search engines and improving where your business appears in the results pages. The question on most small business owner’s lips is why should SEO be used? What are the benefits from a business viewpoint?

search engine optimisation

If you’re one of those people who are a bit sceptical about SEO and doesn’t know how beneficial it will be for your small business, then check out the points below:

SEO increases web traffic

Arguably the biggest reason a small business should use SEO is that it can increase web traffic to your business website. What does this mean? It means more people are visiting your site. Therefore, more internet users are aware that your business exists. You widen your audience and become more well-known, all thanks to this increased web traffic.

Fact: Did you know that organic SEO can lead to a 25% increase in clicks? That’s an awful lot of additional web traffic!

(Source: Digital Marketing Philippines)

SEO helps you close more leads

Businesses depend on leads because a lead can quickly turn into a customer who provides your company with revenue. No doubt your business has worked tirelessly to try and secure more leads and increase sales. Well, SEO is statistically proven to help generate more leads and improve the close rate for your business.

Fact: SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, making it far more effective than traditional methods like print advertising.  

(Source: imForza)

SEO helps you defeat the competition

We all know that running a small business is very stressful due to all the competition you face. As a business owner, you will try anything to defeat the competition and get your business on top. Well, with SEO, you can beat your competitors by improving your search ranking. If you can get your website into the upper echelons of the search engine rankings, then it will be seen before any of your competitors. This means people are more likely to visit your site than theirs!

Fact: The top five search engine results will generate 75% of the clicks. So, if your business makes it into the top five, it will get way more clicks than your rivals sitting below you.

(Source: HubSpot)

SEO keeps your business open all hours

The beauty of driving organic traffic to your business website is that it means your business is open 24/7 365 days a year. As long as traffic is flowing, you could be making sales while you sleep. As a result, you can greatly increase your revenue thanks to the increased organic traffic of SEO.

Fact: Did you know 89% of consumers start their buying process by finding a website via a search engine? Improve your SEO, and all these people could find your business online!

(Source: business2community)

So, have we convinced you of the importance of SEO yet? It’s clearly a huge benefit for small businesses and can improve all manner of things.

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Last updated: Thursday April 13th 2017