Use PPC to help support organic traffic.

PPC adverts are an effective way to drive more traffic to your website and win new customers.

Whether you are looking to increase revenue or just increase brand awareness, a well planned and creative pay-per-click advertising campaign can drive carefully targeted visitors to your website and boost your SEO.

There are now far more options than just using Google Adwords to drive traffic. Depending on your brand and the service or product you offer, you may want to look at Facebook ads, Instagram or Linkedin.

We can help you select the right channel, manage your ad account and create effective adverts to drive conversion-ready visitors to your site.

We can help with PPC campaigns

Why advertise with PPC?

With pay-per-click adverts, you are in total control over who sees your advert, where it’s displayed and how much you spend.

  • You can target specific demographics which makes PPC adverts more effective
  • Drive targetted to specific content on your site. Content that resonates with the visitor is more likely to result in a conversion
  • Be seen where you struggle to rank organically – if your site’s SEO isn’t quite up to par, PPC adds can get you on page one of the search results
  • Add support for all your other marketing activity – when PPC is done well, it reiterates your messages and keeps you top-of-mind
  • Be seen in a positive light – companies that advertise are seen as ready and open for new business – regardless of your competition
  • Win new business – advertising works. Period. What’s more, with PPC campaigns, you can see what’s working and what isn’t

There are now many different ways to advertise your business online – it’s a cost-effective and instant way of winning new business and customers.

What channel is right for you?

With all the options available, it’s crucial to select the right advertising channel for your product or service.

If you’re a lifestyle brand, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter might be the best route. For b2b services, it might be LinkedIn or Google.

One thing that’s very true of online advertising is that it’s very easy to spend a lot of money (or at least all of your budget) quickly if it’s not done properly.

Choosing the right channel to advertise on is probably the most important decision to make initially.

Having said that, with 100% control over budgets and target, we always suggest a trial period for any PPC campaign with a fixed, ring-fenced budget to see how effective the initial choices are.

Tracking returns

If you spend money on print advertising you’ll already know how hard it is to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

PPC is completely opposite to traditional print-based marketing.

When it’s set up correctly, you’ll be able to track all your click-throughs to conversions. This means you can see exactly how effective your campaigns are, where to spend more and where to spend less.

The ability to do this makes PPC advertising very transparent – it’s targetted and trackable.

Do you think PPC isn’t right for you?

PPC isn’t all about instant sales.

Many of our clients have products or services that have long buying cycles rather than snap purchase customers.

In these cases, PPC campaigns can drive traffic to important content on your sites such as downloads and whitepapers.

Where the prospect isn’t in the place to buy today, this technique helps to keep your brand top-of-mind and provides the visitor with useful, helpful information to help convert them when they are ready.

Teaming up PPC campaigns with Inbound marketing techniques can help all businesses win from pay-per-click adverts.

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