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We’re a full-service SEO company based in Banbury.

Banbury SEO.

We’ve been helping people in Banbury improve their websites for over 20 years.

If you have an old website that’s built on a legacy CMS that’s hard to use, it’s going to affect your SEO.

You might have a brand new website that’s been built on WordPress – we can almost guarantee that there will be things to address.

As you’ve invested time and money in your website, we think it’s worth making it as good as it can be.

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Far too many people see a website as a must-have, one-off project that can be designed and built and then forgotten about.

According to Hubspot, this initial stage of your project is only 25% of what you need to be doing online, so if you’ve still got 75% of the work left to do, we think it’s best done on a website that’s up to the task.

Your local Banbury-based SEO agency.

Searchworthy is based in Banbury. We work with local small businesses to improve websites and search engine optimisation.

We’re a brand of Toast Design, a large brand and digital WordPress SEO business also based in Banbury.

With SEO touching so many different aspects of your branding and marketing, it can save you time and money by placing all your website support under one, local, roof.

Here are a few of the local businesses we work with.

Banbury SEO agency

How can we help you?

Searchworthy is an affordable search engine optimisation package that offers much more than just SEO.

And that’s why you need an agency with all the skills and SEO expertise you need under one roof, and just around the corner.

As we’re based in Banbury, we are local to many businesses and have clients in Oxford, Chipping Norton, Bicester as well as working further afield in London.

Much of the work we do can be completed remotely, so we’re able to work with you, wherever you’re based.

Whatever the size of your business or website, we can help with your SEO, and everything we do always starts with a website audit.

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Site Audits

No matter when your site was built, a deep-dive technical audit will show you where any errors are and a wide range of things that need addressing. These are often simple things that have been overlooked by your web developers or issues that have grown as the site has been added to overtime.

Keyword research

Do you know where you currently rank and for what? Our keyword research report is often quite an eye-opener that can reveal some great SEO opportunities.

Backlink audit

Google is now actively penalising sites that have too many of the ‘wrong kind’ of backlinks. In the old days of SEO (we mean a few years ago), getting lots of links to your site was a good thing. Today it can hurt your rankings for things you used to rank well for

Landing page review

Where you’ve got backlinks, they have landing pages on your site – are they converting as well as they should be?

Content review

We’ll take a look over your site content in general and give you an objective view on where things can be changed or improved.

User experience review

You are used to using your site, but are your visitors finding it easy to find content and navigate the site in general? We’ll find out with UX research.

Market research & personas

What are your competitors doing? What’s going on in your market and what types of visitor are the ideal ones to try and get?

Keyword planning

We’ll help you choose and plan which types of keywords you should go after initially – ideally, these should be attainable and should be ones that will win you new customers.

Content planning

Once you’ve got your list of keywords, we’ll help you to plan your content around them.

Tools and tracking

We like to be 100% transparent – you’ll have access to all the tools and reports that we generate for your site – no waiting for a monthly report that tells you nothing – we track keywords and performance daily.

Landing page optimisation

You’ll already have pages on your site that are working as landing pages for traffic from the search engines – we’ll make sure these are optimised to convert visitors.

Conversion tracking

Something that is often overlooked – we’ll identify which pages are best converting so we can help you do more of what works best for you.

Content production

Everyone plans to create their own optimised content. The truth is that most people running small businesses just don’t have the time. We can help.

Search engine optimisation

Once we’ve got you all prepped to go, we can then start the on-page SEO for your website. We also help with off-page SEO services.

Publish and promote

It’s no longer enough to produce great content – you’ve got to promote your content. We know how and where to get your content surfacing.

Backlink acquisition

To rank well, especially in competitive searches, you need good, healthy backlinks to your website. Now we’ve got the great content, we can go after these

Position tracking

24/7 tracking of where your keywords are ranking and how the site is doing.


24/7 access to our reporting and tools so you can check at any time how well everything is going.