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Ross & Ross Food – Case Study

Website optimisation, landing page improvements and effective blogging for a multi-award winning Cotswold fine food company specialising in event catering and foodie gift boxes.

Who worked on it?

The brief

The aim of Searchworthy is to improve on what’s already working for you. We look at the effectiveness of your website and by using a step-by-step, fully transparent process we work with you to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Ross & Ross rank well for many key terms relating to the products they sell but we identified another key area of their business which would benefit from the types of services Searchworthy offers.

The catering business is booming and as a supplier of high quality, locally sourced food, Ross & Ross had the potential to capture more leads from their website if it featured highly in the search results for related key terms.

We analysed their current page rankings and website health score and identified areas where improvements could be made to boost their search visibility and user experience.

The objectives

From the data we gathered on their current keyword positions and website health score, we were able to identify the following:

On Page Optimisation Issues to fix:-

  • 72 internal links are broken
  • 285 images don’t have alt attributes
  • 189 pages don’t have meta descriptions
  • 10 issues with duplicate title tags

Landing Page layout Improvements for:-

  • Wedding Catering
  • Event Catering
  • Corporate Catering
  • Pop-up Events







Searchworthy has been great for us. We have been trying to get better visibility online and Toast’s Seachworthy package has worked brilliantly. The evidence they have provided through analytics clearly shows that we now have more searches and are ranking higher on the relevant pages on search engines. Our new landing pages look great and give a clear and visible message to potential new clients.”

Ross Bearman, Ross & Ross Owner

The results

Six months of Searchworthy has resulted in several positive improvements for Ross & Ross.


  • Vastly improved website health score
  • Considerable reduction in errors such as broken links
  • Four engaging new landing pages
  • One cornerstone blog post
  • Six catering related pages now appearing in the top 10 search results for related keywords

Keywords January 2016

Keyword ranking positions January 2016

You can see here that three keywords which would convert for some of Ross & Ross’ key service offerings are hovering just outside the top 10 results.

On average, 71.33% of searches result in a page one click. Page two and three get only 5.59% of the clicks. On the first page alone, the first 5 results account for 67.60% of all the clicks and the results from 6 to 10 account for only 3.73%.


Keywords July

Keyword ranking positions July 2016

We targeted the following keywords with Searchworthy over six months:

  • wedding caterers Oxfordshire
  • wedding catering Oxfordshire
  • pop up restaurants Oxfordshire
  • caterers Oxfordshire
  • caterers in Oxfordshire
  • corporate caterers

As you can see from the graph all the above keywords have moved up significantly as a result of the work completed by our Searchworthy team.

You can see from the graphs above how effective Searchworthy can be. Moving these keywords into the top 10 results increases the chances of someone landing on your site by 65%.

Other related keywords that weren’t specifically targeted have also benefited from the Searchworthy approach:

Cotswold Caterers started fifth in the search and has now moved up to fourth. This isn’t a word we specifically targeted but because of the improvements made to other related keyword pages it has still benefited.

Website Audit January 2016

RR Site Audit January

We ran a detailed audit on the Ross & Ross site to identify issues that could effect its performance and user experience. Several Broken links and issues such as missing alt tags, missing meta descriptions and duplicate titles were identified. The first stage of any Searchworthy project is to fix and improve on these issues.

Website Audit April 2016

RR Site Audit April

After four months of Searchworthy the Ross & Ross’ website health score was vastly improved and broken links had all been corrected. We had reduced the issues from 219 to just 20. The overall score had improved dramatically from 64% to 92%. This process helped to ensure we were starting with a stable platform from which we could build a strong content marketing strategy.

Google Analytics data

The Google Analytics data below documents a significant increase in visits to the wedding catering page compared with the same period the previous year. A 500% increase is a significant improvement and shows the changes made to the page structure have worked in terms of boosting the pages ranking and visibility in the search. The page had 200 new sessions compared withjust 9 from the same period last year.

Analytics Wedding Catering Page

Ross & Ross Logo

Ross & Ross are a small, multi award winning fine food company based in the Cotswolds and specialising in Wedding & Event Catering and Handmade British food gifts. 

We also love supporting our local Cotswolds producers and have combined some of their finest fare with our products – it’s a matchmade in heaven!

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