The content in the meta description tag is what people see in the search results. Your search snippet will be among many others on any given page of search results. The content of the meta description tag helps the user decide which link to click from among the various choices. – so you need to make this as enticing as possible.


Our client Multicare are very good at optimising their website content following a training session with us.

Consider your meta description to be a sales pitch to hook people in – of course, it needs to have your keywords in there too in order for it to be visible in the search engines!

Use clever HTML markup language if you can

The above example from our client Multicare shows how a listing for an e-commerce product should be displayed in the search results. It includes the basic meta title, meta description and slug whilst also taking advantage of special markup features for reviews, price, stock availability and a date stamp.

Doesn’t it stand out much more than the listing below for the actual manufacturer of the product – Arjo Huntleigh.

Use SEO power words!

Use SEO power words to entice people to click your listing and land on your website. A few examples of popular power words are:

  • Today
  • Right now
  • Act fast
  • Works quickly
  • Step by step
  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Newest
  • #1
  • No. 1
  • Free
  • Special offer
  • Exclusive
  • How to
  • Top 3, Top 7, Top 10

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