6 essential landing page elements.

You only have one chance to make a first impression – find out how to ensure that your effective landing page wins over new customers.

An effective landing page will solve the problem.

Why are your potential customers visiting your web page? What are they hoping to achieve?

The content on your landing page should resolve their query quickly and efficiently – remember that you’ve done the hard work of getting found in the search engines – don’t let poorly thought out landing pages let your potential customer bounce back to Google!
effective landing page

For example, if a customer lands on your page after searching for ‘hire a van Portsmouth’, make it as simple as possible for them to see that you’re based in Portsmouth, have plenty of vans to hire and this is how you do it. No matter how attractive your site might be, it needs to do its job!

Make sure that this solution is prominent on the page – try to feature it in your headline if possible!

Call to action – call on people to act!

It might seem obvious, but the frequency of calls to action will dictate whether customers interact with your page or not!

Try to make your call to action as engaging and personal as possible. Going back to our fictional van depot in Portsmouth, ‘hire your van from us’ is more likely to convince a customer to sign up than ‘view pricing’, isn’t it?

How often you include a call to action is down to personal preference, but a potential customer should never be stuck looking around a landing page for the chance to sign up!

Reassure your new customers.

If your landing page is a potential customer’s first introduction to your company, it’s time to begin building a relationship with them.

If they’ve never heard of you before, they might have some reservations.

Be sure to display any accreditations you have from awarding bodies in your industry, as well as positive testimonials from customers and companies that you’ve worked for.

Always think responsively.

More and more customers are making the bulk of their enquiries from a tablet or a smartphone, so it is essential that your landing page is optimised for both of these. Use multiple browser testing to ensure that your landing page is easy to read and navigate from different devices.
Also ensure that your forms function on mobile devices, as it would be a shame for your enquiry to fall flat at the final hurdle!

Don’t forget your SEO.

If you’re hoping to get long term conversions from your landing page, make sure that your page title, URL, and meta description are all fully optimized for search. Incorporate your intent keyword into all of these tags to boost your search rankings. If you need help with your SEO, a good place to start is an SEO content audit.

An expert WordPress SEO service is best hired to sort the finer elements of your SEO, so get in touch!

Double-check your follow up content before you go live.

It doesn’t just stop with an effective landing page. Make sure that your confirmation page that appears after your form has been submitted is working and shares the same appearance and tone as the referring page. If you’re using kickback emails, they should also be thoroughly checked and up and running before you go live. It’s a complete package!
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