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How it works

The key to successful search engine optimisation is a process that delivers consistency.

There’s no end of ‘stuff’ that SEOs can do on your site. Randomly changing things from week to week makes it impossible to show you what’s working and what isn’t.

There is daily fluctuation in the search results, so our approach follows a tested step-by-step process each month so we can identify what is working best for your site.

Below is a typical SEO project timeline showing each stage of our process.

Site Audit

We run a series of deep-dive tests on your website to make sure it’s built as well as it should be and that there are no issues that could impact on SEO efforts.

Keyword research

We’ll look at your site and see where it’s ranking already. This helps us identify which keywords you already rank for and where there could be some easy wins.

Backlink audit

Who is currently linking to your site? Are these links beneficial or do they have a negative impact? Could current content be used to get more backlinks?

Landing page review

Where is your traffic from search landing on your current site and how effective are these landing pages?

Content review

What does the content of your site look like and is there room for improvement?

UX Review

How do visitors use your website and how well does it serve them?

Market research & personas

What is going on in your sector and what do your potential customers look like, look for and need?

Keyword selection

What keywords are we going to be using for the campaign? These will be selected based on their potential to bring you new business.

Content planning

What content are we producing, which keywords are we targeting and when is it going to be published?

Tools & tracking

Before we start to publish any new optimised content, we set up all the tracking tools and reports.

Landing page optimisation

Getting your landing pages ready to better convert new visitors into leads.

Conversion tracking

Setting everything up so you can positively identify which keywords are resulting in leads.

Content production

Producing the content for your site – whether this is page and post content, infographics or downloads.

Search engine optimisation

Completing all of the on-page search engine optimisation of your content so it’s ready to be published.

Publish & promote

Getting the new content live on the site, sharing it across social media and other platforms.

Backlink acquisition

Attaining a backlink from another site that links to your new content. White-hat techniques only here – links from dodgy sites do more harm than good.

Position tracking

Daily monitoring of where the new content is ranking for the target keyword.


Weekly reports on the position and performance of the content and keywords.

Review and repeat

Searchworthy is a monthly service, so each month, we repeat the process for the next target keyword.

Everything we do starts with a site audit.

If you are considering an SEO campaign for your website, try our free site audit first. It will show you all the things on your site that need addressing before you invest in SEO.

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