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What do SSL certificates mean for SEO?

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are the talk of the town, thanks to Google’s announcement that they’ll be penalising sites without them in search results. So what is an SSL certificate, do you have one and will you need one? Google have announced that they are cracking down on websites that it doesn’t believe are secure and trustworthy. […]

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The 6 essential elements of an effective landing page

You only have one chance to make a first impression – find out how to ensure that your effective landing page wins over new customers An effective landing page will solve a problem Why are your potential customers visiting your web page? What are they hoping to achieve? The content on your landing page should […]

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Why outsourcing your SEO makes sense for SMEs

outsourcing your SEO

Outsourcing is something that small businesses owners look at quite warily. On the one hand, you get to pay a company to do work for you. On the other, it costs money. So, why should you outsource your SEO instead of saving money and doing it yourself? The reasons are simple, and you can see […]

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Why you can’t afford not to use an SEO agency

SEO management agency

Decision making is a vital part of running a small business. Every day is full of small decisions that need to be made. Now and then, you have the odd big decision that can greatly impact your business. One of those big decisions is concluding whether or not you should use an SEO agency. In […]

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The benefits of using an SEO agency for SMEs

Hiring an SEO agency

There are many reasons why SMEs should use SEO as part of their marketing strategy. However, there’s always a great debate over what the benefits of using an SEO agency are and whether or not they should do things on their own, or spend money by hiring an agency. Mainly, the question is whether or […]

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Small business SEO – why it matters

Small business SEO

Small business SEO is a very talked about topic. Many small businesses will utilise SEO, while others seem a bit coy on the concept.

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Why small businesses should use search engine optimisation

search engine optimisation

Small business owners have probably heard the term ‘search engine optimisation’ thrown around a lot. It revolves around search engines and improving where your business appears in the results pages. The question on most small business owner’s lips is why should SEO be used? What are the benefits from a business viewpoint?

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Why you need to optimise your site before you invest in SEO

optimise your site

At least, it’s something you should consider doing if you want to see more web traffic, an increase in leads, and an improvement in revenue too. Whenever a small business invests in SEO, the owners all tend to make the same simple mistake.

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How to encourage people to click through to your website

Landing Page Review

How can you increase click through rates from searches to your website? We look at some of the ways to improve conversions.

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