Cherwell Doors came to Searchworthy in March 2019 with the aim of switching the focus of the website from domestic garage doors to industrial doors.

Project team

Cherwell wanted to shift the focus of their website to the industrial sector. The main goal was to drive more traffic to their website but to achieve this they needed greater visibility in the SERPs (search results).

Simon and Amber had recently had their website re-worked but it just wasn’t focused on the right area of the business. They wanted to move away from the domestic garage door market and move towards their specialism, industrial door repair, servicing, supply and installation.

We worked with them over an initial six month period to completely re-structure the existing website and pull the focus towards their target industry. The work we did include:

  • Technical SEO
  • Dedicated hosting environment
  • Complete site re-structure
  • Refresh of design and page layouts (site rebuild)
  • On-page SEO
  • Creative Content

National Organic Rankings – March 2019

Cherwell doors 2019 stat


The Problem

Cherwell Doors lacked organic rankings for their industrial door services. This meant they were attracting a lot of domestic enquiries when they really wanted to specialise in the industrial market. 

We used our tried and tested SEO-focused website re-structure techniques to get them ranking for more relevant keywords. In March 2019 they were outside the top 10 for all the (industrial) keywords they were looking to target.

National Organic Rankings – March 2019

You can see here that three of the main target keywords which would convert for Cherwell Doors key service offerings are nowhere to be found inside the top 20 search results. In fact, most of the terms they wanted to capitalise on weren’t even visible in the top 100 results.


cherwell doors 2019 keyword stat


The Solution

A complete technical SEO overhaul and a careful re-structure of the site plus the addition of new industry-focused content helped Cherwell Doors gain traction in the SERPs.

We also re-designed the site to shift the focus to the industrial sector but still retain some domestic elements. We helped Amber and her team plan and write supporting blog content. This helped to boost the website’s domain authority and it soon began to surface in the search for the new keywords we were targeting.

On average, 71.33% of searchesresult in a page one click. Page two and three get only 5.59% of the clicks. On thefirst page alone, the first 5 results account for 67.60% of all the clicks and the results from 6 to 10 account for only 3.73%.



cherwell doors 2019 new stats


The Results

In a six month period, we were able to do a complete 360 to shift the focus of the website towards the industrial door sector.

Website visibility in the national and local search improved dramatically. The graphs above demonstrate how effective Searchworthy can be in even a short space of time.

Cherwell Doors are continuing to work with us to build on their new keyword ranking positions over the next six months. Getting new keywords into the top 20 results exposes Cherwell Doors to new visitors and potential high-value customers. However, the work doesn’t stop there, the next stage will be to break into that top 10 and rise above the competition.

Other related keywords that Cherwell Doors want to target but weren’t specifically targeted also benefited from the Searchworthy approach. For example, stainless steel commercial doors has just dropped in at position 15th in the search. Steel security doors which has an average monthly search volume of 1,000 has just dropped in at position 37th in the search.

These aren’t keywords we specifically went after but because of the improvements made to other related keyword pages, they are appearing and rising organically. This is just the first stage as mentioned above, and the next phase of work will be to build on these new rankings.

Watch this space for the next update!

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Cherwell Doors are specialists in fitting, supply, maintenance and repair of industrial doors.

Established & based in Banbury, Oxfordshire in 2002 & with over 30 years of engineering industry experience.

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