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How we’ve helped small business improve the rankings of their keywords.

Ultimately, this is what SEO is all about: getting your website listed in the top three slots for a range of different keywords.

When we start any cost-effective SEO campaign, we start by looking at where you rank and for what.

This process identifies where you might have ‘easy wins’.

Basically, if you rank in the top 20, Google (et al) already likes your site, so any keywords you have in these results are the place to start.

This doesn’t mean they are all going to be worth investing in, but together we’ll work out the best way to get started.

Read through our case studies on Keyword rankings below to find out more about how we’ve helped SMEs with SEO.

cherwell doors logo
Organic rankings up 65% in six months

Increasing Rankings for Industrial Door Company

Last updated: November 25, 2020

Cherwell wanted to shift the focus of their website to the industrial sector. The main goal was to drive more traffic to their website but to achieve this they needed…

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Triumph Tech Logo
Total keyword rankings up 110%

Local SEO for IT Support Company

Last updated: November 25, 2020

The ultimate goal is to drive more traffic to their website but to achieve this they needed greater visibility in search. Despite owning a domain name that had been around…

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So why should you bother with improving your keyword rankings?

Obviously, the more keywords you have ranking in the search engines, the more traffic you are going to get.

If your website is optimised correctly, this traffic should convert into leads.

The more leads you get, the more new business you win, so it makes absolute sense to make your keyword rankings a priority.

The trick with keywords is to target ones that will work for your business.

If you offer a very niche product or service, short tail search terms might be the way to go for you.

If your product or service is very similar to others in the marketplace, you may need to look at longer-tail modifier searches and go for those keywords (for example, IT Support is a short tail, IT Support for Vets, is a longer tail modified keyword).

These differences are subtle, but they make A LOT of difference in the SERPs.

We can help you to:

  • Identify keywords to target now
  • Get these keywords ranking higher and delivering the traffic within three months
  • Build out the ranking pages of your site (not always your homepage) so they convert traffic better
  • Identify where you get new leads from search
  • See the growth and improvement of these keywords in realtime

This is one of the first stages of any SEO project (once your technical SEO has been completed) and is designed to get you a return on your investment as quickly as possible (do bear in mind that you need to allow at least three months for any results).

Your keyword rankings can also be boosted by acquiring backlinks to your site using broad and exact-match anchors (links) to your pages that have been optimised.

Backlinks have to be approached carefully. Too many, too quickly and you could find that your site is actually penalised and all the hard work doing your technical and on-page SEO goes to waste.

Whatever approach your site might need, one thing is true – get this right and you’ll be getting new leads from new visitors that you didn’t have before.