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Product SEO Case Study – Ross & Ross Food

We’ve been working with our good friends Ross & Ross food since 2014, helping them optimise their website and improve their keyword rankings for both food products and catering services. The catering side of their on-page SEO really took off last year after we did some detailed optimisation and content generation work. You can read […]

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Searchworthy Affordable SEO

Why you should choose Searchworthy as your affordable SEO agency.

“If you build it, they will come” doesn’t really work for SEO. It might be the case for baseball pitches in fields of corn, but it just doesn’t work with websites. You can build the greatest website of all time, but unless you are marketing your website content through in the right channels and are […]

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SSL Certificates

What do SSL certificates mean for SEO.

SSL certificates are the talk of the town, thanks to Google’s announcement that they’ll be penalising sites without them in search results. So what is an SSL certificate, do you have one and will you need one? Google has announced that they are cracking down on websites that it doesn’t believe are secure and trustworthy. […]

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The 6 essential elements of an effective landing page.

You only have one chance to make a first impression – find out how to ensure that your effective landing page wins over new customers. An effective landing page will solve the problem. Why are your potential customers visiting your web page? What are they hoping to achieve? The content on your landing page should […]

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outsourcing your SEO

Why outsourcing your SEO makes sense for SMEs.

Outsourcing your SEO to experts makes good sense for small businesses. If you run your own business, there’s a very good chance you simply don’t have the time or the skill set needed to do your Search Engine Optimisation properly. It’s often a mistake to try a DIY approach to SEO as if you don’t […]

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SEO management agency

Why you can’t afford not to use an SEO agency.

Decision making is a vital part of running a small business. Every day is full of small decisions that need to be made. Now and then, you have the odd big decision that can greatly impact your business. One of those big decisions is concluding whether or not you should use an SEO agency. In […]

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Hiring an SEO agency

The benefits of using an SEO agency for SMEs

There are many reasons why SMEs should use SEO as part of their marketing strategy. However, there’s always a great debate over what the benefits of using an SEO agency are and whether or not they should do things on their own, or spend money by hiring an agency. Mainly, the question is whether or […]

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