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12 Keywords over 12 months

We think the best route for people starting out with SEO is to keep things simple and manageable for the first 12 months.

While it can be very tempting to try and optimise your site for 100s of Keywords from the get-go, our experience has shown us that keeping things focused and manageable to start with makes a lot more sense.

If you commission an SEO agency to work on your SEO and they start with a huge list of Keywords it can be harder to track the effectiveness or the campaign and to prove return on investment.

As you start to build up optimised content on your website, Google will index your site and will start to rank it for the Keywords we’re focussing on and other Keywords that its algorithms match your content to.

This approach builds a non-spammy, organic set of indexed and ranked content.

Our approach has the following benefits:

  • It’s manageable and easy to track
  • It’s focussed on delivering a return quickly, rather than running for 12 months with no tangible┬áresults
  • It quickly identifies what is going to work for you and what isn’t – you don’t end up paying too much for SEO work on Keywords that don’t convert
  • We track planned Keyword rankings and organic results too so you can see how your search visibility is improving
  • It doesn’t overwhelm you when you’re already busy – we know that managing SEO is just one of hundreds of other things you need to get done
  • Once it’s all planned, you just leave us to get on with it – we’ll report weekly or monthly as preferred
  • We avoid any confusion about what is actually going on with your SEO – everything is transparent and accessible by you

Why don’t you just do it yourself?

SEO is just one of many things busy marketers like you have to do. Searchworthy is designed to be an affordable monthly SEO solution that you can check off your to-do list.

Our experience in working with 100s of clients over the last two decades has shown us that although SEO and content production is always on everyone’s list of to-dos, it rarely gets done.

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